Our Curriculum

I get lots of questions about which curriculum we are going to be using for Maddie’s homeschooling.  After lots of research we’ve decided to go with  This is an awesome online program.  It is not free, there is a $30 a month fee, but this gets you four courses (you get to choose from a large list of English, History, Math and Science) and tons of xtras, plus lots of support.  I am not naive enough to think I can adequately teach everything, so I am grateful for a site like this.

Time4Learning is great for record keeping too, it keeps tracks of all assignments, grades, quizzes, and will let you generate reports to include in your homeschool portfolio.  We just purchased this curriculum yesterday so this weekend will be spent getting to know the site and figuring out our daily schedule so we will be ready to begin on Monday!

One of the really great things about homeschooling is that you can add whatever other courses you would like to your curriculum!  We will be adding Spanish after a while, Maddie has taken Spanish at public school and really loves it.  This will be an add-on from Time4Learning, and does cost $59 for a six-week course.  BUT I think it will be well worth it!  And the $30 a month plus an occasional added fee for an extra course is still way less than I had to shell out for things at public school (lunch $$, clothes, fees, band costs, FFA membership, gas to school, etc.)

We are going to be adding several courses I can teach her myself, such as Art, Music (we found an online FREE course for keyboard!), Creative Writing, Cooking, Sewing, Landscaping, Child Development, Interior Design, Gardening/Botany, Photography.  Also included will be Community Service hours, for visits to Long Term Care (to see Grandma!) and volunteer work at the Humane Society.

There will be other opportunities to learn as well, such as Community Ed classes, library programs, Arts Center programs, etc.  And finally in addition, we plan to include Independent Study, so that Maddie can use that time to read or learn something that interests her.

Did you notice that nowhere in this curriculum is PRESSURE??   We plan to go at our own pace, we will have a basic schedule, but we will be flexible with it, and Maddie will decide how many hours a day she would like to spend on school.  At any time if she needs a break, she will get one.

That’s how things will work at our new school, Fairweather Academy!  🙂



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