Alfred P. Sloan Museum’s “Titanic” Exhibit and the Flint Institute of Arts Field Trip

Cool thing about home schooling – Sunday Field Trips!  Today Maddie and I visited the Alfred P. Sloan Museum in Flint to see the Titanic Exhibit.  It was so interesting!  There were tons of artifacts from the wreck and loads of info, even a sample iceberg that was made of real ice!  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pics inside the exhibit, but we took away lots of great memories and Maddie learned many interesting facts about this historical event.

When you first enter the exhibit they give you a boarding pass in the name of an actual Titanic passenger.  Too bad for us though!  We were both 3rd class passengers, yikes!  Well one of us got very lucky – Maddie!  Her person survived the Titanic sinking with her baby, while my person died!

One thing we definitely agreed on, we much preferred the ordinary food that you would have gotten in 2nd and 3rd class to the fancy stuff in 1st class!  I guess there are some advantages to being poor after all! 🙂

After visiting the Titanic Exhibit, we crossed the street to the Flint Institute of Arts.  This large impressive museum is full of all kinds of art work and artifacts.  Here at least, we were allowed to take pics!

I was very impressed with how Maddie, through her studies from Time4Learning, was able to recognize and explain all kinds of art pieces and artifacts to me, she is obviously retaining so much of what she learns, which makes me thrilled!

A great Sunday Field Trip and I can’t wait to visit again!