Mom’s Diary

March 18, 2017

Hard to believe that at the beginning of the week Maddie was a public high school student and now she’s a homeschooler!  It has been a crazy couple of days getting everything sorted and curriculum picked out, but fun too.  This weekend our task is to get our schedule down, Maddie needs to get her room tidied and ready to learn, then on Monday it’s school time!  Such an exciting time, but a bit scary too I will admit.

One thing I worry about is all of Maddie’s friends.  She has a nice circle of very good friends from school.  Last night Maddie and I attended the high school drama club performance of Beauty and the Beast.   At one time Maddie herself was in drama and did an amazing job. But the pressure was too much and she had to give it up.  But she has certainly not lost her love for performing and we do hope one day for her to join the local community playhouse!

Anyway, we had a great time and as I watched Maddie with her friends I just thought, guys please don’t abandon her, please don’t forget she is here and that she still needs you.  I will do all I can to make sure she still has contact with her friends.  This is definitely one downside to homeschooling, the possibility of losing those contacts.  It may take a little effort on our part and on theirs but I am determined that she keep those important links in her life.


March 15, 2017

So today we have finally made the decision to homeschool Maddie!  I am feeling all kinds of emotions:  fear, excitement, hope….relief?  It hasn’t been an easy journey to this decision.  Maddie has been expressing a wish to be homeschooled for a while now but we kept encouraging her to stay in public school, thinking it was for the best.  But I’ve come to learn that the “best” is whatever is BEST for YOUR child!  It is so wrong to throw all kids into one big box and say okay, this is good enough for all of you.  Because it’s not.  Each child is unique and each one has specific learning needs.  It’s a shame that public schools have neither the time nor inclination to pursue that uniqueness.

I made a call to the school guidance counselor to let her know our decision.  As I knew she would she cautioned me to do my research into home schooling (I have!)  and warned me about lost credits if Maddie leaves at this point in the year.  I listened politely and said we’d get back to her on Friday with the final, final word.  But I already know this is what’s best for us.  And now that I know it I’m anxious to be done with public high school!

For now my little ones will continue their education at public elementary school where they receive special ed services.  I know I could certainly homeschool them as well but for now I also now I need to concentrate on my eldest to make sure has what she needs.  So maybe further on down the road the twins will also be homeschooled. Or maybe they will thrive in public school.  Who knows?  Like I said, each child is unique!

We’ve already chosen what looks like an awesome online curriculum for Maddie through .  It’s very affordable and looks like it will be a great fit!